Healthy Hair Trio Kit

Healthy Hair Trio Kit

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Formulated with tara tannins and amino acid complex to protect and fortify hair, this system leaves your hair with a healthy and silky finish. The Healthy Scalp + Rejuvenating Shampoo contains salicylic acid and fireweed extract to boost scalp health and stimulate hair growth. Our Hair Trio also contains human stem cell extract and proteins to nourish and strengthen the hair. This kit reduces hair loss, increases thickness, restores shine, seals the cuticle, and promotes overall hair health.

Hair Protecting + Fortifying Mist

MDPen Hair Protecting + Fortifying Mist is formulated with tara tanins to fortify and protect the hair in order to promote its growth. The Mist will also contains an amino acid complex to help strengthen the hair structure, protecting it against heat, urban pollution, and UV stress while leaving a silky finish.

Healthy Scalp Rejuvenating Shampoo

MDPen Healthy Scalp Rejuvenating Shampoo is formulated with salicylic acid and fireweed extract to boost the health of the scalp while stimulating keratinocytes to aid in renewed hair growth. The Shampoo contains a human stem cell extract and proteins to help nourish and strengthen new hair as it grows, while adding sericin for volume and fullness.

Healthy Hair + Revitalizing Conditioner

The MDPen Healthy Hair + Revitalizing Conditioner is formulated with a combination of active ingredients designed to help reduce hair loss and increase thickness by encouraging growth at the cellular level. The Argan Oil in our formula offers antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E to help boost elasticity and restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. The blend of quinoa, carrot, kale, and lemon proteins helps seal the cuticle while adding high amounts of nutrients to the hair to promote moisturization, barrier function, and overall health.